Introducing Casey

Managing Partner

Born and raised in London England, Casey proved at a young age he had a determination to be the best at everything he does. Casey strived to be an excellent soccer player in his youth, which eventually led him in earning a full scholarship to play collegiate soccer at the University of Campbellsville in the U.S.  While playing soccer, Casey earned a plethora of awards, including: Freshman player of the year, two times all conference, and One time all American. After Casey completed his undergrad, and received his B.S. in Education, Casey wanted to not only further his athletic career, but his scholarly career as well.  It was then he earned his MBA, all while playing collegiate football for the University of Campbellsville.  Casey, being a dedicated athlete, received awards for his football accomplishments as well, these included: First Team all-Conference, National player of the week, and an invitation to the All Star Football Game.

After Casey received his MBA, he moved to Jacksonville Florida where he started his career with Prominent Business Solutions.  After taking full advantage of the performance based, no seniority business model that the company provided, Casey was able to become Junior Managing Partner in just 9 months. Once Casey was Junior Partner, he was able to work towards overseeing a new location, and he couldn’t think of a better place for opportunity and growth than Charlotte NC!  With a love for sports and the outdoors, Casey is excited to start his professional life as well as personal life here in North Carolina.

Casey’s motto in life is “Motivation is temporary. Discipline, commitment, and strong habits are what get things done!”