How to ace your interview at Prominent Business Solutions

Spring has officially arrived here at Prominent Business Solutions and we could not be more excited. This is the season of beautiful weather, rebirth, and GRADUATION! Our management team has not only opened their doors to up-and-coming graduates but their minds as well. They know that in order to have the best and brightest walk through our doors, they need to lend a hand and a few tips to help candidates prepare. Our blog today will be two-part. First, we will discuss three tips on how to prepare the perfect resume. Then, we will provide three tips on how to tackle your interview with confidence and grace. Ready to tackle this next chapter in your career? KEEP READING!

Part 1 – How to prepare a jaw-dropping resume:

Use a professional font

Graduation season is one of the busiest times of the year for businesses. Your future interviewer will be spending a large amount of time reading resumes. To set yours apart from the pack, make sure that you are using a professional font that is clear and easy to read. We know how tempting it is to break out your favorite cursive fonts, but we recommend sticking to times new roman or arial. Both will give you the appearance and professionalism that interviewers are looking for!

Call attention to important achievements

Remember, you’re writing a resume, not a novel. Keep it short, sweet, and concentrate on your biggest achievements. Your goal is to draw focus not to your amount of experience but to your amount of success. Include a separate section on your resume where you highlight your skills related to your education, volunteer work, and previous job positions. Show your interviewer why YOU and your skill sets will be the perfect fit for their business.

Proofread and edit

There is zero harm in having multiple people proofread your resume. Actually, we encourage it! If you’re still on campus, ask one of your professors to take a look or head over to the writing center. If you’re out of school, ask a friend that is already working in your desired field to read over your layout and grammar. Writing out your first resume can be nerve-wracking. So, allow your tribe of supporters to help you show off the best version of you!

Part 2 – How to ace your in-person interview

Prepare for common interview questions

One of the key attributes that we are looking for in candidates at Prominent Business Solutions is confidence! A key way to stop the interview nerves is to do your research, be aware of common interview questions, and practice your answers in the mirror. Why do you think you would thrive at our business? Tell us a little about yourself? These questions seem simple, but your answers say a lot about you and your mindset.

Be assertive

At the end of the day, your interviewer wants to get to know you. So, let your colors shine!! Walk tall, dress the part, keep a smile on your face, and speak clearly. Don’t allow nerves or fear to stop you from putting your best foot forward. You’ve got this!

Send a thank you note

Our last interview tip is a little old fashioned, but you’ll be surprised how big of a positive impact it can make. Once you’ve completed your interview, mail in a handwritten thank you note. Let your interviewer know that you appreciate them taking the time to sit down with you and how grateful you are to of been given the opportunity to learn more about their business. This shows that you are a professional and that you genuinely care about others.

Well, that is all of the tips we have for you! Now, it’s time for you to put in the work and put our advice to the test. At the end of the day, know that being prepared and confident are two sure-fire ways to ace your interview. From our team at Prominent Business Solutions, GOOD LUCK!!