Is It Luck?

With St. Patrick’s Days being this month, there has been a lot of talk about “luck of the Irish”.  This has us here at Prominent Business Solutions discussing “luck”.  We all have called someone lucky or said that they got something because of luck.  But what does that mean?  Is there really some intangible thing that singles people out and grants them opportunities or material things without them putting in any work?  We would have to agree that opportunities are presented to everyone, all the time. But is it luck or is it preparation and life choices that allow the person to be ready for the “Luck”?  Even a Lottery winner has to make the choice to go to the store and buy the ticket.

Prominent Business Solutions has a couple tips for being ready when the “lucky” opportunities are presented to you.

  1. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

We all have made a plan for our lives.  Maybe it is a certain career path or family life that we have decided is how we are going to live in 5,10,15 years.  If you close off your mind to any other possibilities that don’t fit that plan, then you my friend are going to be one of the “unlucky” ones.  It is absolutely important to have goals but there are many ways to get to your goals and keeping an open mind to new opportunities is the key to achieving success.  Examine every opportunity from many angles and think about how it may have a path to your plan.

  1. Keep your pity parties short

As you get out of college and step into the scary real world you realize it is hard.  To be successful it takes a lot of failures.  You can ask any successful person if they have ever failed and I’m sure you could get a long list of failures from every one of them.  It is ok to feel bad for your self for a few minutes.  It is ok to get frustrated when you mess something up.  The key is to stay in that pity party for a few minutes then shut it down!  Always remember, “It is ok to lose as long as you don’t lose the lesson”.  Get up dust off and keep going and soon everyone will be talking about how “lucky” you are. You will be able to smile know that luck is just when preparation meets opportunity.

3.  Prepare for opportunities

They tell you in Boy Scouts to ‘Always be Prepared.”  We preach the same thing here at Prominent Business Solutions.  We are prepared for the unexpected always.  We come to work each day prepared to give 110% and we are doing all of the necessary things now, so that when that ‘lucky’ opportunity arises, our team is ready to tackle it.

4.  Use failures as opportunities

When something doesn’t go your way, we bet that right around the corner an opportunity is going to present itself.  It may not seem like it at the time, but if you keep an open mind, we know you will find yourself looking back thinking, “I was the lucky one”.


Here’s to a “lucky” St. Patrick’s Day from all of us here at Prominent Business Solutions.  We will be having fun, but also getting ready for our next opportunity.  We know the next door is opening soon, because our team is prepared!