Meet Angel Schild, Corporate Trainer

This month, the Prominent Business Solutions team had the pleasure of sitting down with Angel Schild, a corporate trainer on our team. Prominent Business Solutions is an aggressive sales and marketing firm built on strength and teamwork. Angel Schild has been with the company since April of 2017.

Schild was born and raised in Coalmont, Tennessee- a long stretch away from our headquarters here in Jacksonville, Florida. “As a kid, my parents would have described me as athletic and social, but I’d say I was a bit of a bookworm,” says Schild, “I also played basketball and softball. That competitive environment taught me a lot about work ethic. If I want to be the best, I have to train and practice like the best. Talent, for the most part, is developed and not a natural skill set.”

During her collegiate years, Schild was highly involved. “I was president of my class junior and senior year,” says the trainer, “I was also in the neuroscience club, American Chemical Society, and I was a Bonner Scholar- requiring 10-20 hours of nonprofit volunteer work each week.”

Prior to joining the Prominent team, Angel Schild bravely dedicated her time to the U.S. Military.

Since walking through our doors in 2017, Schild has seen tremendous growth and success. “My first thoughts when I started were about how incredible it was to have a whole track laid out in front of someone to become successful,” says Schild, “In most businesses, it takes years to make six figures. In this business, I could be on the fast track to that in less than a year. I also found it unique how close the office was, and that the environment was super hype. Everyone is always loud, energetic, and excited to start the day- that’s not something you see in every company.”

“I have been really shaped and developed by my time with Prominent Business Solutions,” says Schild, “I took on a leadership role and through that I have gained a lot in terms of personal knowledge about myself, and how to conduct myself in a business world, but I have also gained confidence as a person. I have also learned how to better relate to people and adapt to a new situation. I think this job made me overall more well-rounded.”

“It’s a people helping people business, which means, no matter what, someone will always be there to help you get better and become your best self. However, we do have a competitive, fun environment to help drive people to not become complacent.”

“I’ve learned how to be an effective manager. I’ve learned how to motivate and work with people of all different backgrounds and personality types. Also, I’ve learned no one is ever the best at anything. You can consistently, always strive to be better. Complacency is a choice.”

“This career has definitely taught me a lot about myself as a person and my own personal accountability. I’ve learned that as a person, I can pretty much accomplish anything, but to do so, my work ethic has to match my skill set.”

As for Angel’s goals, the corporate trainer sees nothing by clarity. “I want to have one of the most profitable organizations within this company. Along with that, I want every award and every record. I’m super competitive, so I don’t want anything but the best.”