Meet Lauren Bahling: Employee Relations Specialist

Prominent Business Solutions wants to take a moment to appreciate a valued member of our team. This month, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Lauren Bahling, a hardworking Employee Relations Specialist on our team. Bahling is from Rockford, Illinois and has been with our team since September 6th, 2018.

Did you primarily grow up on Rockford?

“While I was born in Rockford, I was raised in a neighboring city-Roscoe, Illinois.”

How would your parents have described you as a kid?

“Being raised around my dad, Terry and my other brother, Ryan I was very active in sports, so I was very athletic. My parents would describe me as very down to earth, charismatic, fun, energetic, good sense of humor, creative. I have always been very personable.”

Were you in any sports or extracurriculars?

“I played volleyball in Middle school and played travel softball from the age of 8-16.”

How did that competitive environment help develop you?

“From my very first year playing softball, I accidentally joined a team of girls that were two years older than me. So, I was always held to higher expectations than other girls playing at my age. I loved it because it presented me with a challenge and gave me the opportunity to push myself. This alone empowered me to go above and beyond normal expectations. “

Did you have any idea you would end up in this field?

“I didn’t expect to be given the chance to gain this experience at my age. I knew I wanted to be somewhere where I could make an impact on a company and be challenged every day.”

What is one life experience that you feel has shaped you?

“Moving to Jacksonville changed everything. Moving from my home town, where all of my friends and family still reside, to halfway across the country with only my boyfriend, Anthony, was the hardest thing to overcome. This experience made me open my eyes to the bigger picture. It allowed me room to create my own lifestyle while having to be responsible and plan two steps ahead for the future.”

What is something we might not know about you by just looking at you?

“I listen to ‘90’s rap music. I like the Miami Heat, White Sox, and the Packers.”

What were your first thoughts when starting with the company? What was something unique you noticed?

“I loved the fact that this industry allows the younger generation to come into and create their own opportunity. It truly is dependent upon your work ethic and mentality. My favorite thing about this company is our team nights. Having that personal connection with everyone in the office makes the environment more fun and family oriented.”

What has been your best memory with the company?

On team nights we challenge each other with friendly competitions. Our rep, Eli, challenged me to see who can out produce the other. Whoever lost had to do push-ups, but not ordinary push-ups- we made it interesting with adding a pie. So, every time you go down for the push up you would pie yourself in the face. He lost, it was great.”

What is something you’ve learned through your work you didn’t know before?

“You can make a great career path without going to college here, or get good experience while going to school.”

How has this career changed you as a person?

“It made me more professional. Gave me the chance to become more outgoing and less timid from talking to people in the lobby and being the first front face/first impression of the company.”

What are your goals with the company?

“Short term I want to master everything I can in the recruiter position, long term I want to become a hub.”

Do you have any mentors inside or outside of work?

“Shawn and Clarence taught me to have a lot of fun in the company and just be genuine.  Lexi taught me to step into my voice, I used to be very timid and quiet when I started in the field. Kiki taught me that I can do whatever I set my mind to and work hard for. I’m very thankful for the opportunity her and Tony gave me in the company.”

What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

“I love to hang out with my boyfriend, go to the beach, I am very outdoorsy and love to travel to new cities and try new things.”

From all of us at your Prominent Business Solutions family, we thank you for your hard work and dedication, Lauren. Without your energy and light, our team would not be what it is today. Your past few months with us have been filled with lessons, successes, and growth, and we can’t wait to watch you soar in the coming years.