Introducing Tony

CEO & President

Antony attended Langston University on a full ride scholarship to play football, earning a degree in Business Organizational Management. As with every young athlete, Tony had dreams of going pro, however those dreams quickly came to a halt because of injuries. Tony now uses his competitive nature and drive for success in the sales and marketing industry.

When we asked him to comment on his journey at Prominent Business Solutions, Tony replied “When learning new skill sets, sometimes it can get difficult and sacrifices are made for the best. But, when you have mentors that stay positive and remind you of the ultimate goal and bigger picture, it helps to overcome those difficult times.” Needless to say, Tony’s commitment and dedication has gotten him through his journey at Prominent Business Solutions, and recently awarded him the prestigious title of CEO & President.

Since his promotion, Tony’s focus is on developing business professionals, and expanding the culture and opportunity to others at Prominent Business Solutions. Tony enjoys spending time with his 3 boys and wife, and hanging out with co-workers.