Reasons We Fall Short on Our Resolutions

Setting New Year’s resolutions is a great way to make improvements and positive changes in our lives. Unfortunately, resolutions are often more of a hopeful idea than an actual fulfilled goal. Statistically, up to 90% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.

Here’s why and what you can do to increase your odds of accomplishing your goals!

  1. We lose motivation. Each year, when January 1st rolls around, we all can’t help but get that “New Year, new me”, feeling! There’s nothing like the New Year to give you that fresh start excitement. The trouble is, that new feeling only lasts for so long. A major reason why we fall short on our resolutions is because we rely on the external motivation of the New Year to drive us. It’s important to find an inner drive to keep yourself going!


  1. We get distracted. It’s easy to pursue your goals when that’s all you have on your plate. However, that’s just not the case for most of us. We’re juggling our jobs, our career goals, our personal lives, our personal goals, along with whatever else pops up along the way! This is why it’s important to write your goals down, and put them in a place where you’ll see them every day!


  1. We lose faith. When the going gets tough, we can easily lose faith in ourselves. Instead of getting defeated, remind yourself of how you’ve pulled through difficult situations before!


  1. We cheat. This is a difficult one. While you may want to cut yourself some slack and reward yourself sometimes, “cheat days” can lead to a complete unraveling of your goals. When you feel like having a cheat day, challenge yourself to come up with 3 logical reason why you shouldn’t and 3 logical reasons why it would be okay before you do it.


  1. We don’t establish firm plans. We tend to get really excited about setting New Year’s goals, so sometimes we don’t put enough thought into them. It’s important to treat these goals just like any other.


  1. We don’t set deadlines and checkpoints. Timeframes are crucial when it comes to goal-setting! If you don’t set deadlines, you have no way of measuring your progress.


  1. We don’t hold ourselves accountable. New Year’s resolutions should be just as serious as any other goals. You’ve got to hold yourself accountable for your own progress. Make sure you’re following through and hitting your deadlines. If you’re not, evaluate your progress and get yourself in check!


  1. We set unreasonable goals. For some reason, when the New Year comes around, we think it’s time to become an entirely new person. Setting unrealistic goals is setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely).

We are now at the end of January.  Have you stuck to your resolutions?  We know we have….and we can them goals!  Here’s to achieving all of your goals in 2018, because we know we will!